Autoimmunity Goes Viral (3 of 3) - Your Mind Is The Healer

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2019

Healing requires knowing 2 critical pieces of information: 1) what is going on and 2) what to do about it.


In part 1 I talked about “what is going on.” In part 2 I discussed “what to do about it.”



Having this information is like having the two keys needed to unlock the gate to free yourself from the confines of an autoimmune diagnosis. Once the gate is open, you can move confidently along a healing path, the only way the body goes.

There is, however, a 3rd piece of information that I believe can be used to turbocharge your healing.


Trusting the healing process.



We touched upon it in part 2, and now I want to dive deeper. Even while knowing what is going on in your body and what to do about it, we can have anxious thinking, overwhelm, or simply a cluttered and busy state of mind. Even most people who do not suffer with any such physical symptoms whatsoever may be consumed with unproductive thinking. Whether or not we are truly awake to it, such thoughts can be bouncing around in our minds for the majority of our waking hours each day.



We wonder why we feel a little down, depressed, or low-spirited. It’s easy to point to the physical symptoms we may be experiencing - pain, fatigue, dizziness, brain fog. Whatever the symptom might be, it is never the true cause of our feeling state. Our feelings are caused by our thinking 100% of the time. It is not the symptoms that are causing you to feel bad, it is what you are thinking about your symptoms - it is the meaning that you associate with your symptoms.


The Healing Power of Trust



Sometimes a medical diagnosis can bring peace and understanding to our physical state. For someone struggling with mysterious symptoms, results from a laboratory test or diagnostic procedure might allow a frantic mind to settle. It’s important to know, however, that this medical label really doesn’t mean much. Autoimmune conditions are often “waste-basket” diagnoses, meaning the symptoms and tests don’t fit into any other box, so it’ll be thrown into a newly defined box. (Though as mentioned in part 1, many of the diagnostic tests for autoimmune diseases are so far from perfect because doctors and scientists really don’t know what they are looking for in their search for the cause of these conditions.)



Instead of relying on a label that doesn’t hold much weight for your mind to settle, allow your mind to rest upon the inherent wisdom of your body.

When we trust the healing process, the mind can relax. When the mind is relaxed we have greater access to the flow of wisdom that inspires us to live and thrive. It is this flow of wisdom that is the very force that also heals the body.

In a state of trust, we are connected with our inherent wellbeing. As the mind resides in this peaceful space, the body receives countless benefits. Immune function is enhanced, hormones balance, blood moves fluidly, blood pressure stays regulated, digestive processes are optimized, and detox pathways fully activate. Healing processes like this happen all day, every day, around the clock, whether we are aware of them or not.

With a busy and cluttered mind, anxious and stressful thinking can block the flow of wisdom, and to some extent our body’s self-healing mechanisms. Adrenaline and cortisol block immune function and constrict blood vessels, thereby inhibits flow of oxygen and nutrients to your cells for healing. In this state, the digestive system is also effectively turned off, so any food that goes into your mouth cannot be adequately broken down and absorbed, potentially leading to nutritional deficiencies in addition to gastrointestinal disturbance. The excess stress hormones also put an added stress on the liver, giving your body just one more thing to break down and get rid of.

The Healing Power of Presence


Have you ever been in a place - with family, in nature, absorbed in beauty, enjoying a moment - where you completely separated from symptoms that totally absorbed your physical experience just moments before?

Our state of mind literally shifts from moment to moment, leading to the broad rainbow of human emotional experiences. With our shapeshifting thought world comes an ever-changing experience of the sensations and feelings related to the physical body.

Understanding the interconnected nature of the body and mind does not mean that you are responsible for controlling your experience in every moment. This understanding does invite you to be present with and attuned to the ever-changing nature of your condition. A truly neutral and equanimous presence may be the greatest tool for your expedited healing.

This means that you are able to be with the joy and the sorrow, just as you can be with the pain and the bliss. When we aim for this presence, we accept where we are always. We detach from any outcome or agenda and give thanks for the opportunity to experience the miracle of a human life.

Sending Blessings To Your Healing Path.


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