Discover your hidden superpower: an intro to multidimensional healing

Let me start by sharing a bit of an intimate story, if I may…
Several years ago, I suffered significant emotional pain – a real heartbreak. I spent some days deeply processing these emotions, getting to the root of disturbance. I let myself feel the full extent of the pain that was present, the grief. I used all of the tools and skills that I had at the time to get to the root of the disturbance and heal the source of hurt. I was able to forgive myself for the judgements I had held on myself – I let go of my feelings of unworthiness and misbeliefs of not being lovable.
After some days of a seemingly messy discharge of emotions, tears, and lots of suppressed energy, I felt great. I felt clear, transformed, and in a profound way, renewed. By moving through this deeply rooted issue, I felt an enhanced sense of wholeness, appreciation for myself, and for my life.
A few days later, I developed a severe skin infection. After a brief attempt to treat this outbreak naturally with topical herbs and compresses, the condition continued to progress very rapidly. I ultimately landed in the hospital for a few days where I received IV antibiotics, as the infection around my eye put my brain, and to some extent my life, at risk.  
I surrendered into the conventional medical system, and received the care openly and graciously (aside from the tylenol that they were trying to suppress my fever with). 
In the middle of this healing process, I found myself feeling so confused. I knew this acute physical issue was connected to my emotions. But, why, after such depthful emotional healing did I experience such a gruesome infection? Why, after feeling a deepened sense of peace, self-compassion, and wholeness did I know have a gruesome infection – a pussy, discharging, boil near my eye.
It wasn’t until I was out of the hospital and reflecting once again that I realized this body-mind connection. I awoke to the reality of this infection as an opportunity to heal and clear physically that which was healed emotionally. This acute infection was a way of my body to complete the healing which was happening in my soul.
Body + Mind + Soul = Human
While language and philosophy varies, most know humans as being more than just flesh and blood.
Humans have a physical, mental, and emotional body, through which a spiritual body (soul, life force, spirit, god, etc) shines. We are divine beings having a human experience. Maybe more accurately, we are divine beings using a human experience… for the purpose of growth/learning/healing/loving.
The mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are all uniquely and mysteriously intertwined to create an individual physical human experience. We pretty well understand how important it is to support the mind and emotions throughout the physical healing journey. We know how chronic stress can create dis-ease in the body (through the study of psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology – yes, it’s a word!).
We also know that emotions are the experience of thought in a moment.
Emotional Technology
As science continues to evolve and advance treatment options for physical conditions, few consider making any advances to support the mind and emotions. And yet, our sense of wellbeing is fundamentally dependent on the state of our mental and emotional health.
One in five Americans today have a diagnosed mental health condition, most notable anxiety or depression. These numbers have only been growing, as managing mental and emotional health through prescription medication offers only a lousily applied band-aid, at best.
What about counseling or therapy practices? Do they work?
Of course! At least some of the time. But, if they really did, why isn’t our collective mental health improving? (A BIG question, to which there are many, multifaceted answers, I am sure of.) There are many, many philosophies and styles to mental health counseling, behavioral therapy, and emotional processing. These unique flavors of supporting mental and emotional healing are all subtly different. We never hear about advancements in this field… why is this the case?
The answer to this question is quite simply that supporting mental and emotional health is EASY!
I kid you not. As easy as it is to support mental and emotional wellbeing, our culture and society has a way of making these complex and challenging – as is the case with so many other things.
It is true that we find ourselves in a bit of a predicament in this world today. As the quantity and quality of stressors grows and intensifies, we also disconnect from our innate ability of naturally and gracefully managing such stress. The result? A health epidemic of massive proportions – both physically (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmunity, etc) and mentally/emotionally (anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar, substance abuse, eating disorders, etc.)
Supporting a dynamic state of health
The way out of a physical and mental health crisis is first understanding health.
Physical health is a dynamic process – Illness, infection, broken bones, diarrhea, inflammation, cancer. All of these symptoms are expressions of the HEALTH of your body, each a message of the inherent wisdom of the body. If you did not have health, you would not have any of these symptoms. (Supporting the body in interpreting these messages and moving through dis-ease to achieve optimized balance and wellbeing is a whole other discussion that involves in depth inquiry and support with a trained professional.)
Mental and emotional health are also dynamic processes. Sadness, grief, anxiety, obsessions, compulsions, negative thinking, moods of all sorts. These are all expressions of your mental and emotional health. Such thoughts and emotions are forever flowing through us… the positive, the negative, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Each thought or emotion is just as meaningful as the next. We all deserve to experience each fully, from joy to grief. However, when emotions or thoughts are stuck or rigid, we can suffer.
Getting Unstuck
Each of us has our own ways of getting unstuck. Some need to be heard, held, and supported by others. Some need to express their emotions to themselves, verbally or through writing. Some have a meditation practice, in which they just naturally flow through. Others discharge them through exercise or movement.
There are as many ways to support mental and emotional health as there are humans on the planet.
What’s most important is that we move into the awareness of divine perfection. Knowing that ALL aspects of the human experience are opportunities and gifts for learning and growing supports a state of deepened peace and spiritual wellbeing.
A mindfulness or meditation practice can support this by providing an experience of impermanence. As we sit with ourselves in a present moment we can become aware of the fleeting thoughts and bodily sensations. Nothing lasts for longer than an instant. So, let the destructive thoughts and patterns go, when you are ready. Your complete and optimal mental wellbeing is available in any moment.  The emotional peace that follows is invaluable.
Your hidden super power
I believe we all have (at least) one super power. This power is our connection with spirit (god, source, prana, energy, breath, etc). We have all touched this power through an experience with our truest, purest, highest, most authentic self. Maybe it was with a loved one, or immersed in nature, or watching the joy of a child, or laughing and connecting with friends, or through any mystical experience. Use these experiences as reference points to move forward. Reflect on your spiritual connection often. In doing so, you strengthen your connection to the truth of who you are. You develop an inner strength and resilience that is worth it’s weight in gold. Strive to know that core of our being a little more each moment, a little more each day.
Remember to nourish the emotional to support the physical, and nourish the physical to support the emotional. Give all aspects of you the proper love and nourishment to grow strong and prosper.
Blessings of health,
Dr. Benjamin

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