How to address sugar cravings, for good!

holistic health nutrition Dec 07, 2018
If you have been trying to quit eating sugar, you are not alone!

Maybe you’ve heard that sugar is more addictive than cocaine.

Hearing information like this, and witnessing failure upon failure can be frustrating and exhausting.

I am here to tell you that you cannot quit eating sugar.

No, I am not the naughty voice of your subconscious. 

I am for real. You cannot quit eating sugar. More importantly, you should never try to quit eating sugar. 

It is interesting that sugar cravings are such an epidemic in today’s world. And to me, it makes sense given the loud, booming low carb voice that echos throughout the health and wellness space. While people are being told to avoid carbs, the body says, “NO! I WANT CARBS!” 

Sugar, aka carbohydrate, is the primary fuel source for every cell in your body. More specifically, this fuel is glucose, which much of the world has become madly afraid of in recent times. The reality is that you need this fuel, lots of it, to run every process that is happening in your body around the clock.

All that said, there is more to know about carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are carbon-based molecules that also contain hydrogen and oxygen atoms. There are 3 main carbohydrates that are important to know about when it comes to human metabolism – glucose, galactose, and fructose. Glucose is primarily present in most plant matter, galactose in dairy, and fructose in fruit. These three sugars can be referred to as monosaccharides. Linking them can create disaccharides. Two very popular disaccharides are lactose, made from glucose bound to galactose, and sucrose, made from glucose bound to fructose. 

It is important to know about these basic sugar facts when talking about “quitting sugar for good.”

Yes, you should quit some of these sugars forever. Specifically, you should quit sucrose, or common table sugar. Sucrose is added to pretty much every packaged food-product these days in some form or another. By now it has acquired countless aliases, which has humanity bewildered. The most demonized is of course, high fructose corn syrup, which is actually mostly sucrose, not fructose.
I don’t mean to bore anyone with biochemistry facts or the harsh reality of our modern food times.

Back to the question, how to address sugar cravings?

To quit sugar, (sucrose), you must understand the nature of your cravings. “Sugar cravings” are your body’s call for fuel. Most of our world today answers that call for fuel with a doughnut, pastry, or one of the other packaged processed food options that are found pretty much everywhere. Your body doesn’t want the sucrose and other processed and highly refined carbohydrates that are present in such food-like substances. Your body wants FOOD. REAL FOOD. Specifically, your body wants GLUCOSE.

High quality glucose is found in plants. Eat plants, but specifically lots of fruit!

It is important to know that the fructose, present in high amounts in fruits, gets absorbed in the gut and taken up by cells without the need of insulin (a whole other big and important topic that we don’t need to get lost in right now). Once taken up easily and quickly by cells, the fructose becomes converted into glucose and then processed into energy. SO, eating fruits (sweet and satisfying) is an excellent way to provide high quality fuel for every cell in the body, while also reaping the benefit of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and JOY that is bountiful in these gifts from nature.

There is a right and wrong way to eat fruit. Fruit should be eaten on its own, not mixed with other foods – proteins, fats – except maybe very light carbohydrates, such as greens. 

REMEMBER – some cravings are in fact authentic messages from your ever-wise body. Listen to your body and fuel it with the foods it deserves – REAL FOODS… PLANTS!

In summary…
NEVER STOP EATING SUGAR. Sugar is your lifeblood. Your body DIES without sugar. Fuel yourself with non-processed, non-refined, whole-food sources of carbohydrates, aka vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. A “sugar craving” is a message from your body and should be attended to by providing high quality sugar in the form of fruits. Eat fruits alone and in the natural state. Avoid mixing high carbohydrate based foods with foods that are mainly fat or proteins.
Blessings of Health
Dr. Benjamin

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