Alter Health Cleanse

Cleanse Your Body Wisely


Summer Cleanse Coming July 19th

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The Definitive Program to    

that gently and gracefully guide your body into and out of optimal detoxification

🚫 No restriction

🚫 No crazy supplements

🚫 No uncomfortable detox symptoms

🚫 No BS

✅ Just real, whole hyper-nourishing foods and super-hydrating beverages that flood your body with nutrients and love

10 days
of optimal nutrition

Professional support all along the way

high vibe community accountability

"This Cleanse is LIFE-CHANGING!"

✅ Cleanse guidebook

✅ Recipe Guide

✅ Direct Access to the doctors

✅ Live and interactive meetings

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Over 10-days of cleansing foods you will...

✓ Optimize your detox pathways to release unwanted toxins

Fuel your body with the most healing foods and actually SEE and FEEL the benefits

✓ Boost metabolism to release excess weight and enhance energy

✓ Simplify eating habits to feel light and energized

✓ Heal your relationship with food and reset your tastebuds

✓ Create sustainable habits that take you to your long-term health goals

What's Included In Your Cleanse

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Connect and message the doctors and community for inspiration and support

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Guidance through each day of the 5 Cleanse Phases
- and beyond!

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Group meetings with the doctors for guidance, education, support, and Q&A

No crazy supplements or detox symptoms
- just hyper-nourishing real food and hydration!

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What Cleansers Are Saying

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The Alter Health Cleanse is a seasonal tradition

We are excited for to enjoy abundance and health during the Spring Cleanse!

Add Life to your Years and Year to your Life ❤️ 🥕

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Time for a Health Breathrough!

About The Doctors

Drs. Benjamin and Susanna Alter are licensed naturopathic physicians specializing in whole food plant based nutrition and mind body medicine. Their philosophy of health and life is centered around the self-healing and regenerative potential present in us all. They empower individuals to reconnect with innate health through insight and understanding, optimizing nutrition and mindset through the Thrive on Plants program. When not serving clients, you might find them enjoying whole food plant based meals at the best restaurant in town, their kitchen, or adventuring by foot, bike, or skis in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. 


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