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Do you want to reliably and enjoyably enhance your health and wellbeing with the help of holistic naturopathic doctors on call and available to support you and your loved ones as needed throughout the year?

Are you stuck in a lifestyle that is no longer serving you and your loved ones?

Are you confused or overwhelmed by the thought of shifting nutrition or lifestyle habits in your household?

Do you lack inspiration and motivation to take necessary action to create the health and life that you deserve?


We are experts in creating a life that naturally promotes health, peace, and longevity

Our passion is supporting individuals and families in accessing and joyfully maintaining optimal holistic health on all levels of their Being and in every aspect of Life

Holistic Lifestyle Medicine

in the Roaring Fork Valley

This Concierge Program is an annual membership that includes full access to both Dr. Benjamin and Susanna Alter, experts in natural lifestyle medicine, eager to support you in reversing disease and achieving your optimal health and longevity, on all levels.

Our Tools To Support You

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Lifestyle Medicine

Using life itself as a therapeutic intervention is an extremely empowering process! The key to health is focusing on creating a sound foundation through optimizing the most basic habits of eating, breathing, drinking, thinking, and relating with oneself and loved ones. By addressing these most fundamental elements of life we build strength and resilience that carries us gracefully and joyfully through life.

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Nutritional Therapy

Food IS medicine! While Drs. Benjamin and Susanna will never tell you what to eat, or what not to eat, you will be supported in choosing nourishing and healing foods based on your own internal wisdom. Diet plans needn't be confusing, difficult, rigid, or boring! We believe you deserve tailored nutrition, based on your unique life and health. At Alter Health, we know vitamins and minerals should always come from food. Therefore, nutritional supplements are intended to supplement a healthy diet! 

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Mind-Body Medicine

In a world where information and stimulation floods through our body, it becomes more and more challenging, yet increasingly critical, to nourish ourselves with a mindfulness practice. As we anchor ourselves in a state of peace, we are able to navigate throughout the world using stressful stimuli as reminders to relax. Cultivating peace in the body is a very powerful and effective way to support healing on all levels.

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Botanical Medicine

Some of the most powerful medicines on the planet come from plants. In fact, the vast majority of pharmaceuticals today were modeled after the effects observed from herbal preparations. Drs. Benjamin and Susanna love supporting patients in incorporating gentle herbs on a daily basis in the kitchen, as well as specific herbal extracts to support your unique healing process. 

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The art and science of homeopathy is gentle, elegant, yet powerful. The goal of a homeopath is to know how you and your body respond to life physically, mentally, and emotionally. By gathering the entire set of symptoms that are unique to you, the homeopath synthesizes a holistic understanding of who you are, matching your essence with a remedy that supports and optimizes your overall functioning.

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Spiritual Healing

With a background in Spiritual Psychology and 3-Principles coaching, Drs. Benjamin and Susanna live a spiritually focused life. We know humans are in fact divine beings using this human experience for a greater purpose of spiritual evolution, which naturally involves growth and healing on every level. At Alter Health we love to guide individuals into knowing their place in the world, finding meaning and purpose in life. For both Drs. Benjamin and Susanna, this is truly the most fulfilling aspect of his work.

Here's What's Included

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Visits As Needed

For acute or chronic complaints in our Carbondale office or your home

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Last Minute Scheduling

Get a visit in 72-hours or less guaranteed

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Unlimited Phone & Messaging

Communicate with the doctors whenever you'd like

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Ongoing Lifestyle Optimization

Health plans evolved and tailored to your needs


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