Be EMPOWERED To Live Medicinally 

“You seek too much information and not enough transformation.”


- Sai Baba

Are you tired of putting bandaids on your symptoms?

Are you done wasting precious time and money into pills and protocols that don't provide lasting results?

Are you ready to heal yourself throughout your daily life?

Are you ready to deeply understand how your BODY and MIND woirk so you can optimally nourish both?

We created 



for YOU!

This is not your typical course...

This isn't about adding more information into an already overwhelmed world.

This is about crystalizing and clarifying the basic laws of nature and healing to take decisive and inspired action that supports the body in healing itself.

You will learn the FOUNDATIONS of lifestyle medicine so you can build your healthy life from the ground up.


Understand natural laws, how the body heals itself, and the limitations of the medical system


Complete mastery of plant-based foods, nutritional biochemistry, and how to use your food medicinally.


Important information about the organ systems and how to maintaing optimal function naturally. 


Cultivating confidence with day-to-day habits that align with nature and promote optimal balance.


Leverage the power of the mind to supercharge your vitality and cultivate deep and lasting peace.

*Plus daily action steps and weekly assessments that keep you moving forward with confidence! 

What Students Are Saying

If you'd benefit from professional guidance and community support to keep you accountable in your healing journey, the Medicinal Living Mastermind is the program for you!


Drs. Benjamin and Susanna Alter are licensed naturopathic doctors specializing in holistic lifestyle medicine. They work to preserve a vitalistic approach to health and healing, blending the art and science of traditional naturopathic medicine with mind-body applications. Their philosophy is rooted in the fact that the body heals itself, always aiming to create an optimal environment for healing on physical, mental, and emotional levels. On top of their holistic interventions, their intention is to provide the education, resources, and knowledge to empower clients in knowing that they are their own true healers. Susanna and Benjamin understand that individuals are only as healthy as the community and environment in which they live, which inspires their mission to promote healing globally by spreading compassionate action towards people and the planet.

So, are you in?


We are confident this course will be so completely worth your time and energy! If at any point in the 6 week program you are not completely satisfied, we'll give you a full refund.


We are committed to providing the highest quality holistic health consultations.

To learn more about our services and how we can help you, get in touch with us today.

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2551 Dolores Way

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