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After falling from his skateboard and landing in the emergency room at age 12, Benjamin knew he wanted to be a doctor. Despite the pain, he thought the physical mechanics of healing was amazing. 10 years later, another broken wrist led to further healing and transformation. After flying over the handlebars of a mountain bike, his right hand was immobilized for 2 months. His right-hand dominant, left-brained, scientific and analytical self was suddenly struck with creative inspiration. Still on course to be a doctor, his path took a drastic turn.

Upon completion of his degree in human physiology from The University of Arizona, Benjamin moved abroad to Hungary to work on a research project investigating brain cancer genomics. While away, frequent illness led to great self-awareness. He realized it was not any source of food, water, or pathogen that was leading to frequent acute symptoms. A stroke of insight led to a discovery that something deeper was missing – a sort of homesickness. He began a daily meditation and centering practice. Through taking dominion over thoughts and inner experiences he was able to shift outer experiences. Amazed by this experience of the mind-body connection, Benjamin’s course of becoming a healer was forever changed.

Upon returning to the US, Benjamin began pursuing a Master’s of Arts in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. Through deep inner work of identifying, owning, loving and forgiving all aspects and experiences, a new definition for healing was formed. This ever-present transformation continues to mold his day-to-day life, while also intimately informing his approach to medicine. Since entering into the field of Naturopathic Medicine, Benjamin has been devoted to the preservation of traditional healing modalities that call upon the body’s innate self-healing ability. He believes that each individual is truly their own healer with his role being supportive as a teacher, also offering the most gentle and effective medicines as possible.

When not with patients or keeping up to speed with the latest health trends, you can find Benjamin staying active in any number of ways. Whether cycling, doing yoga, hiking, or jumping around in his daily high intensity interval training, he loves to nourish his most with mindful movement. Benjamin works to balance his energetic ways with more restorative activities such as writing and his daily meditation practice. We mustn’t overlook his most profound joy, spending time with his beloved partner Susanna, an emerging Naturopathic Doctor herself. They enjoy getting dirty in any organic garden, preparing plant-based cuisine, and doing anything outdoors. They believe their relationship itself also presents the grounds for immense healing, growth, and loving.

Work With Dr. Benjamin

Meet Dr. Susanna, Benjamin's soul mate.

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