Robbie Balenger: 3.175 Mile Plant Powered Mission

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Episode Summary

I found Robbie on the day he started his 75-day, 3,175 mile run across America through a post that Rich Roll made on Instagram. From then forward, I followed his Plant Powered mission as he traversed the entire country, covering an average of 43 miles daily for 75 consecutive days. A large feat, to say the least!

I was so pleased to have this conversation and dive deeper to understand the passion and energy that fueled Robbie's plant powered mission. It was a wonderful conversation! 

Some highlights include... 

  • Robbie's love of the environment leading to his Plant Powered Mission
  • How a plant-based diet actually enhanced running performance
  • The plant-based foods that led to Robbie's success 
  • How Robbie went from a 2.5 mile run to 3,175 miles across the country
  • The importance of hydrating early in the day
  • How cravings can point us to our body's wisdom
  • The power of aligning passions to fuel your mission
  • Getting through the inevitable walls that arise in a feat like running across the country

Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment, rating, or review on whatever platform you choose to tune in on!

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About Robbie

Robbie Balenger is a 34-year old plant-based ultra endurance athlete. On May 29th 2019 he completed a 3,175 mile run across the US. in Central Park NYC. He departed from LA on March 16th, completing this massive feat in an impressive 75 days. His transcontinental run was used to promote the myriad benefits that a plant-based lifestyle can have on the individual, our communities, the health of our planet, and animal liberation. 

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