Dr. Sarah Villafranco: Engage Your Senses, Heal Your Skin

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Episode Summary

I came across the Osmia Organics instagram account right when we moved to Carbondale. ​The beautiful Instagram page displays the health and vitality of Sarah Villafranco, MD. Fast forward just a couple of months, and we move into our new home situated directly above one of Osmia's places of production. After enjoying the delicious wafts of natural scents from below for some time, we finally connected to share this conversation. 

Sarah is skilled and extraordinarily knowledgable in many things. We could have spent hours traversing so much, but in this conversation we stayed fairly focused on skincare products and healthy skin. Most importantly, Sarah teaches us what to be mindful of as a consumer so that we don't sacrifice the health of our skin or the rest of our body for the sake of looking good or smelling... like chemicals?

Some highlights include... 

  • Sarah's renaissance from emergency room physician to soap maker extraordinaire
  • Embracing challenges and turmoil to fuel transformation
  • Key chemicals to avoid that are hiding in "natural" products
  • Tips for healing skin from the inside out, and the outside in
  • Essentials for maintaining clear, healthy skin
  • Embracing aging - because you can't avoid it!

Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment, rating, or review on whatever platform you choose to tune in on!

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About Dr. Sarah

Dr. Sarah Villafranco, founder and CEO of Osmia Organics, is a natural skin-care expert and a noisy advocate for cultivating joy and health every day. She practiced emergency medicine for 10 years, when she saw and treated a broad spectrum of human health and illness. She now works through her artisanal skin-care brand to improve people’s health and happiness (as well the planet’s) by decreasing the number of chemicals in their personal care routines and by encouraging people to "return to their senses." If you’re into green beauty, fitness, border collies, Colorado, or healthy living, you should stalk her Insta feed.

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