Dr. Zachary Cashin: Spinal and Spiritual Alignment

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Episode Summary

Dr. Zach is NOT your traditional chiropractor. He is absolutely a soul-brother who speaks deep truth on the topics of consciousness, health, and healing.

In this conversation we cover everything from chiropractic philosophy and neuromuscular physiology to consciosuness and keys for deep holistic healing. It was such a joy to connect with Zach and his enthusiasm for what he does, which is such alignment with our mission and values at Alter Health.

Some highlights of this conversation include... 

  • Dr. Zach's journey recovering his health from infancy

  • The necessity for optimal structural alignment in our modern world

  • How to maintain a resilient nervous system to promote self-healing

  • Where the ultimate subluxation exists - between the ears

  • How to address our story, relationships, and inner traumas


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About Dr. Zach

Zachary Cashin is a passionate chiropractor whom has been practicing chiropractic and other modalities in the Denver Metro area for over 25 years. He and his family recently moved back to the "sacred" Roaring Fork Valley. Dr. Zach offers a unique blend of chiropractic techniques to help anyone who desires to achieve peak human potential in there life, by optimizing the Brain and nervous system function ...(which controls directly and or indirectly, every single function of the body)...allowing your innate integrating and healing potential to be fully expressed...mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually! 

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