Dr. Greg Nigh: Busting paradigms -
alternative views on SIBO, cancer, and more

Episode Summary


I’ve had the great pleasure of learning from Dr. Nigh a bit over the years. He is a true genius, and a real scientist, always thinking in working in ways to evolve thought and ideas.

This conversation is a little more scientific and physical based than others, but a real demonstration of how we ought to relate to the world of science and medicine to keep the ball moving forward.

Some highlights include...

  • Is cellular biology really what we think it is?

  • Alternative perspectives on SIBO

  • How the human body is designed to adapt

  • Maybe cancer is not the disease that we thought it to be


Maybe you will come away from this one knowing how little we know. While it could be a bleak concept, I see it as inspirational. There is so much room to learn and grow! And, even if we don’t understand many things related to the human body and medicine, that isn’t to say that things are unexplainable or undiscoverable.

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About Dr. Nigh


Dr. Greg Nigh is a 2001 graduation of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (now NUNM). His clinical focus for the past 10 years has been naturopathic oncology. However, he is an avid researcher and maintains a broad clinical practice that includes treatment of Lyme disease, mold toxicity, SIBO and other GI disorders, autoimmune disease, neurological conditions, and much else. He has spoken internationally on a range of topics related to health and disease, and has co-authored two articles on the health effects of glyphosate (download here and here). In his free time he reads extensively in the fields of the sociology of mathematics, cosmology, physics, evolutionary biology, emergence theory and systems biology, the philosophy of science, and anything else that catches his interest.

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