PROS and CONS of ANTI, PRO, and PRE biotics

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Episode Summary


We all know about antibiotics in this world, maybe a little more than we should! In fact, both Dr. Susanna and I have unique stories concerning our journeys and connections with antibiotics, along with the acute and chronic consequences they have - from short term life saving to long term chronic side effects.‚Äč

In this episode we covered so many things including...

  • ANTIBIOTICS - what they do in the short and long term

  • Antibiotic Resistance - what is it, where does it come from, and why does it matter

  • Probiotics - What are they? What are the best? Do they actually work?

  • Prebiotics - The newest trend in the supplement world, that actually belongs on your fork!

  • Elevated biotics - What are they? And why organic, fresh, local food is always best (+ ways to get elevated biotics without a farm!)

  • The individualized nature of the microbiota - how our bacteria resonate with the world 

Tune in to learn about optimizing your health through focusing on the health of your microbes!

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