Jon Levine: Slow Food for Holistic Health

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Episode Summary

I was interviewed on Jon's Hol Truth Podcast recently (though the episode has not yet been released!) ​where I was talking about my expertise in Mind Body Medicine. Here, the tables have turned as Jon brings a topic that he is passionate about onto my podcast: SLOW FOOD.

"Slow Food" can mean any number of things. It is obviously the opposite of Fast Food, but what more does it entail for food to be slow...? In this conversation we dive into what Slow Food is and how cultivating a connection with a Slow Food movement can enhance health holistically.

Here are highlights from the conversation...

  • Jon's path from pharmaceutical sales to holistic health coaching

  • Current holes in the medical system and how to fill them

  • What is "Slow Food?"

  • How to slowing food consumption naturally leads to weight loss and health

  • Food is an opportunity to connect intimately with nature

  • Why Slow Food is actually more nutrient dense

  • Action items for getting more health into your life with food

Be sure to connect with Jon and his podcast to give him some gratitude!

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About Jon

Holistic Health Coach Jon Levine is on a mission to help his clients claim the health and happiness that is their god given right. After a job in pharmaceutical sales and seeing his father die from Parkinson’s and brain cancer it was time for him to create change when it comes to true health. With all the conflicting health info in our busy world, this passionate health nut will help guide you through the storm and into clear waters.

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