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Episode Summary

Ironically, we haven't talked all too much about mindfulness, mental health, and mindset, despite the fact that it is integral piece of our clinical practice!​

WHY is mental health so important?

When aiming to treat the cause of disease, there is so often a significant cause that is beyond physical. What I mean there is only so many juices, smoothies, supplements, and protocols that can be done to support the body. Sometimes (a lot of the times) we've got to dig a little deeper.

Not to mention that SO many people also suffer from mental dis-ease. Whether anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or any other experience related to chronic mental stress, so often we are left disempowered and at the mercy of our mental healthcare providers to help "fix" us.

In this conversation, we talk about how that isn't the way things work. Ultimately, the intention is to empower you and remind you of the amazing creative potential harnessed within you and how that potential can be realized through your power of thought.

Some things we talk about include...

  • The difference between mental wellness and mental illness

  • How feelings and emotions are made 

  • The schizo on the street is no different from you

  • Your creative potential and manifestation power 

  • Why you really are control of your destiny

  • The clinical and practical application of this all

If you'd like a more thorough read of my (Dr. Benjamin's) personal bipolar experience, check out my latest blog, Are You 'Tripolar' Like Me?

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