Dr. Benjamin Benulis: The Healing Power of a Raw Vegan Diet

Episode Summary

What do you get when you combine two vegan doctor Benjamins...?​

One great conversation!

I so enjoyed having Dr. Benjamin Benulis as a guest on the podcast. He's a real humble guy with an inspirational healing story. 

In this conversation we focus on Dr. Ben's story coming into the filed of holistic medicine after a career change via the path of chiropractic training and education. We talk about the many things that ​make his approach to chiropractic medicine unique, including of course his nutritional approach to healing.

Some highlights of this conversation include... 

  • How Dr. Ben's autoimmune diagnosis inspired his health journey
  • Receiving inspiration from people like "Dan The Life Regenerator"

  • The resolution of symptoms on a raw vegan diet

  • How to overcome fruit fear and embrace natural foods

  • The importance of taking steps and embracing the process of healing

Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment, rating, or review on whatever platform you choose to tune in on!

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About Dr. Ben

Dr. Benjamin Benulis is a plant based doctor of chiropractic based in Phoenix, AZ, USA.  After contracting an untreatable autoimmune disease in his late 20s, he turned to diet and lifestyle as a last ditch means of trying to mitigate it.  To his surprise, he was able to completely reverse his autoimmune condition in a matter of a few months, without any drugs or surgery.  He now helps others do the same at www.autoimmunerecoveryblueprint.com

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