Medicinal Living Mastermind

Plant Based Empowerment and Mind Body Mastery
To Reverse Disease and Reclaim Health

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More people are experiencing chronic disease today than ever before.

You are not alone.

The healthcare system just puts bandaids on symptoms without acknowledging any underlying factors that lead to ill-health.

The world seems perfectly designed to keep you sick.

Expensive supplements and complicated protocols are full of empty promises - because they don't address the underlying cause of dis-ease. 

The truth is that health is SIMPLE!

We are excited to  empower  you in your healing journey as we bring the principles of nutritional science and mind-body medicine into your everyday reality!

6 months of experiential education and holistic support designed to put YOU in the driver's seat of your Health and Life transformation


The next Mastermind launches end of October!

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How We Empower You

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Understand natural laws, how the body heals itself, and how to embody the wisdom as your own trusted healer.

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Complete mastery of plant-based foods, nutritional biochemistry, and how to use your food medicinally.

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Important information about the organ systems and how to maintaing optimal function naturally.

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Cultivating confidence with day-to-day habits that align with nature and promote optimal balance.

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Leverage the power of your mind to supercharge your vitality and cultivate lasting peace, regardless of circumstances.

How We Work With You

Your Medicinal Living journey starts with a DEEP DIVE into the science of plant based nutrition and holistic healing. We will directly support you in taking inspired action as you learn to create true health from the inside out.

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Weekly Video 

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Weekly Laser Health Mastermind

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Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching Call

Once we build this foundation, your healing continues with weekly lessons that traverse important topics that your life and health depend on!

  • Sustainable Weight Release
  • Supplements: How to (mostly) Get Rid of them!
  • Parasympathetic Resilience
  • Mastering Mindset to Heal The Body
  • Attuning to Intuition & Following Wisdom
  • How To Optimize Detoxification
  • Harmoniously Balance Hormones
  • Maintain Healthy Skin, Hair, & Nails
  • Finally Overcoming Chronic Fatigue ​
  • How to Stress Less & Increase Peace
  • Healing Your Gut For Good​
  • Super Immunity to Heal Anything​
  • Environmental Health & Living Toxin Free
  • Strong Bones, Joints, & Muscles As You Age
  • Increase Longevity & Healthspan
  • Optimize Sleep and Circadian Rhythm
  • How Hydrotherapy Speeds Your Healing
  • Cleansing Seasonally for Longevity
  • Gracefully navigate the healthcare system
  • Transcending Food Addiction/Cravings​
  • Feed the  Microbiome to Optimize Health
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Here's What You'll Get

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Customized Coaching Each Month

Your specific health needs deserve personalized care. You'll get 1-on-1 monthly coaching sessions with Drs. Susanna and/or Benjamin that keep you fully on track to achieve your health goals making your optimal health transformation non-negotiable!

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Weekly Laser Health Mastermind 

Receive laser focused coaching from both Drs. Benjamin and Susanna in areas that you most need. The whole community benefits from witnessing your healing and you will also benefit from witnessing the healing insights had by others. The supportive energy of like-minded humans is invaluable!

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Live In Depth Trainings Weekly

We'll go deep into the essential information that fuels your health transformation - Weight loss, Detoxification, Gut health, Sleep, GMOs, Supplements, Hormones, Hydrotherapy, Immune boosting, Vagal tone, Skin health, Environment, Cleansing, Mind Mastery, Energy boosting, Joint Health, Food Addiction, Intuition and Inner Wisdom, Stress Resilience + MORE! 

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Around the Clock Accountability in the Private FB Group

Stay connected, all the time, at any hour of the day to receive hands-on accountability and support from Drs. Benjamin and Susanna as well as your fellow healing humans. We'll check in weekly and see that you are on track!  This level of support is a total game changer in your health transformation.

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Professional Resources Available 24/7

Get your hands on meal plans, lifestyle guides, and other professional resources whenever you want or need from your online dashboard or the Medicinal Living mobile app. Also, find full access to recorded video lessons and group mastermind sessions at any time with the click of a button!

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Better Health Guarantee

Stay engaged with the ongoing support and show up to your custom coaching sessions over the course of the 6 months ahead and your better health is 100% fully guaranteed!

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Here's What You'll Take Away

✓ Deep trust in the body and mind to heal itself

✓ Understanding the absolute best way to fuel your body

✓ Enhanced peace of mind and resilience to life's stressors

✓ Knowing the obstacles that contribute to dis-ease - and how to get around them!

✓ Freedom from addictive tendencies around food or behaviors

✓ Reconnection with inner wisdom and your life's purpose

✓ Reverse chronic dehydration and optimize your body's fluid dynamics

✓ Essential keys to transform relationships and effortlessly create wellbeing

✓ Deep and lasting connections with like-minded self-healers

✓ Clarity of the precise nutritional ingredients that promote health

✓ Empowered ability to take your nervous system from STRESS to HEALTH

✓ Expanded capacity to nurture and others on all levels throughout life

What Clients Are Saying

Space Is Limited And Reserved For Committed Individuals

If you feel the call to uplevel your health and your life, the time to join the Medicinal Living Mastermind is NOW!

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About The Doctors

Drs. Benjamin and Susanna Alter are licensed naturopathic doctors specializing in holistic lifestyle medicine. They work to preserve a vitalistic approach to health and healing, blending the art and science of traditional naturopathic medicine with mind-body applications. Their philosophy is rooted in the fact that the body heals itself, always aiming to create an optimal environment for healing on physical, mental, and emotional levels. On top of their holistic interventions, their intention is to provide the education, resources, and knowledge to empower clients in knowing that they are their own true healers. Susanna and Benjamin understand that individuals are only as healthy as the community and environment in which they live, which inspires their mission to promote healing globally by spreading compassionate action towards people and the planet.

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