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Join us in a deep dive exploring Mind, Thought, Consciousness, and the Brain-Body connection.

Share Insights in Weekly Zoom Calls

*Enrollment is on a sliding scale, between $25 and $75. 
Invest what works for you!

Your human experience is beautiful and unique, generated from within based on your state of mind in a moment.

Invest What Works For YOU!

Together we'll explore the principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness.

The Finer Details


✓ Show up as your authentic self, leaving limiting thoughts behind.

✓ Stay open to infinite possibilities.

✓ Invest your time, energy, and between $25 to $75 - whatever works for you!


✓ Weekly invite to Peace on Earth Zoom call

✓ 24-hour access meeting replays

✓ Deeper peace, more compassion, and life-changing insight :)


Afternoon calls (5 ET) alternating with
Evening calls (8 ET) on Wednesdays

*Schedule subject to change based on group preferences

Side effects may include...

✓  Deepened connection with innate peace

✓  Realization of your life's purpose

✓  Enhanced physical health, energy, and wellbeing

✓  More joy and creativity

✓  Deeper love and connection in relationships

✓  Graceful navigation through life's challenges

Join for $25 - $75 per month

What Clients Are Saying

In the midst of our enormous collective shift in consciousness, the world needs more light-bearers like YOU.

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About The Doctors

Drs. Benjamin and Susanna Alter are licensed naturopathic physicians specializing in whole food plant based nutrition and mind body medicine. Their philosophy of health and life is centered around the self-healing and regenerative potential present in us all. They empower individuals to reconnect with innate health through insight and understanding, optimizing nutrition and mindset through the Thrive on Plants program. When not serving clients, you might find them enjoying whole food plant based meals at the best restaurant in town, their kitchen, or adventuring by foot, bike, or skis in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. 

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