Whole Food Plant Based Challenge

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Unlock Your Innate Resilience

April 6 - April 14

A Completely FREE Online Program in the Plant Based & Stress Free Facebook group

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In This 9-Day Challenge You Will...

✓ Learn the specific foods and nutrients that enhance innate immune function

✓ Discover the proven way to reverse chronic disease and obesity

✓ Identify exact foods and substances that are suppressing immune function

✓ Receive support in making simple and satisfying immune enhancing meals everyday

✓ Take your health into your hands through immune boosting lifestyle practices

✓ End any and all confusion you have about human nutrition for good!

✓ Experience peace and confidence in your body's ability to establish and maintain innate resilience

Meet Your Doctors

Benjamin and Susanna Alter are licensed naturopathic doctors specializing in holistic lifestyle medicine. Their philosophy is rooted in the fact that the body heals itself, always aiming to create an optimal environment for healing on physical, mental, and emotional levels. Their intention is to provide the education, resources, and knowledge to empower individuals in knowing that they are their own true healer.

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What Participants Are Saying...

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Join The Challenge & See The Results For Yourself

When you register for the WFPB Challenge you will...

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Join the Plant-Based and Stress Free FB group to access the daily LIVE sessions of this challenge.
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Receive our Whole Food Plant-Based Challenge Blueprint that guides you through the challenge - and beyond!
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Be supported along a crystal clear path towards your healthiest and most vital self.

Unlock Your Innate Resilience!

Join us starting April 6 in the Plant Based & Stress Free FB group for this FREE Whole Food Plant Based Challenge!

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