Dr. Erin Moore: Self Marriage Transforms Self Sabotage

Episode Summary

Though Dr. Erin and I went to medical school together, ​our paths didn't cross much. Turns out our paths have much in common!

We are both "alternative" alternative health care providers. We both have a deep connection with our own healing path and desire to support people from a truly holistic foundation. And, we have both married ourselves!

Dr. Erin shares much of her journey and life experience with us in this episode as she imparts some real rich nuggets of wisdom.

Some topics discussed include... 

  • Dr. Erins path from being conventionally minded to holistically focused
  • How habits hinder our experience of health
  • The root cause of "bad habits"
  • What "self-marriage is" and how it can support changing habits
  • Dr. Erin's amazing "Do It For You" program

Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment, rating, or review on whatever platform you choose to tune in on!

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About Dr. Erin Moore

Dr. Erin Moore is a naturopathic physician with a drugless private practice in Portland, OR. She works with patients to heal chronic disease through a dialogue that helps to identify the subconscious belief from the past that is associated with their current physical symptoms. She also teaches a course in self-marriage and behavior change called Do it for You that teaches a relationship with yourself as the driver of change. You might find her officiating self-marriages and speaking to audiences about mindbody medicine and behavior change.  She is also the executive director of ParticipAid, a non-profit that works to improve rural healthcare in remote regions of Nepal.

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