Howard Jacobson: From China Study to a Plant Powered Mindset

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Episode Summary

I recently had the pleasure of joining Howard for a conversation on his Plant Yourself Podcast. He returned the favor... and I'm so grateful he did!​

I appreciated learning about his story - going from a school teacher to business marketing expert to a proclaimed plant based health advocate and educator... largely through a series of synchronicities that led him into an incredible opportunity to co-author the book Whole with T. Colin Campbell (which by the way, is the #1 best book on holistic nutrition, in my humble opinion).

In addition to this wonderful story of working with Colin Campbell to publish Whole, I also appreciated learning a thing or 2 about Howards powerful approach to nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Some highlights include... 

  • What happened after Howard left an Amazon review on the China Study
  • Every piece of your life is part of a bigger journey
  • "Failing" on a plant-based happens to the best of us!
  • The lost art of connecting with fellow humans in community​
  • Difference between Motivation vs Follow Through
  • Understanding behavioral economics and benign masochism to leverage sustainable change in your life 

Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment, rating, or review on whatever platform you choose to tune in on!

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About Howard

Howard Jacobson is a health coach and educator, co-founder, and Chief of Behavioral Science at WellStart Health, a digital therapeutics platform and care team dedicated to putting chronic disease out of business. 

He also trains wellness coaches through the WellStart Health Coaching Academy.

Are is the co-author of Sick to Fit, with Josh LaJaunie, contributing author to Whole, by T. Colin Campbell, PhD, as well as Proteinaholic, by Garth Davis, MD.

He is the host of the Plant Yourself Podcast - a great source of plant based information and information.

Howard has been coaching high performers since 2001. He sits on the advisory board of the International Coach Certification Alliance, and is certified in Peter Bregman’s QUICC Coaching methodology, BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits, and Glenn Livingston’s Never Binge Again system.

Howard earned his MPH and PhD in Health Studies from Temple University, and his BA from Princeton University.

He lives on an ecological farm in rural North Carolina, where he writes, gardens, plays Ultimate Frisbee, runs ultra marathons, and practices Russian Martial Arts. 

Howards goals include shaking up healthcare, sharing how delicious and joyful a healthy life can be, saving the planet, and reintroducing people to their most authentic, antifragile, best selves.

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