How Stress Magnifies Symptoms

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Episode Summary

It’s hard to talk about stress. We all have a unique understanding and relationship with this formless invisible energy. But stress is powerful! In fact, we see it as truly the most powerful predictor of health and disease in our clinical practice. 

In this episode we share how stress has influenced Dr. Susanna and her symptoms in the past week. We also share how our unique relationship with stress really flies in the face of the rest of our society’s. It is this relationship, however, that we observe as being the biggest game changer in our relationship with health and wellbeing, and that relationship that we witness in our clients and patients.

Some highlights include... 

  • Why stress can be so sneaky

  • How stress clouds our vision

  • Why low stress tolerance is the key to health

  • Understanding the gift of stress in human evolution

  • Where the stress experience comes from, 100% of the time

  • Softening the blows of life with a deepened understanding of thought

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