Michael Brian Baker: Shamanism, Plant Medicine, and Pranayama for Transformation

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Episode Summary

I was so happy to reconnect with Michael for this conversation. Michael served as my introduction to breath work, now 6+ years ago. I have come to know how unique and powerful his breath work facilitation is, as it is combined with so many other potent ingredients, including those passed through shamanic lineage.

The most important ingredient is Michael’s consciousness. He has cultivated his presence of a healer from the trials and tribulations his own life offered him. We talk about this journey into a healer, among so many other things in this conversation.

For anyone who has an opportunity to sit in a ceremony with this man in any of the many festivals and gatherings he travels to nationally, I highly encourage you to drop into a magical experience!

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About Michael

Michael Brian Baker is the founding member of The Breath Center, a world renowned experiential and educational organization dedicated to the continued research, highest and best practices and code of conduct concerning the facilitation of breath work. His primary focus is the acceleration of awareness around emotional intelligence and the integral teachings of the yogic art of Pranayama. Michael and his team continuously seek fresh, creative ways to expand its interface and infusion into contemporary Western culture. He has served as a physicians liaison and program developer in conjunction with Bastyr Universities Naturopathic curriculum and acted as an independent organizer within the International Corporate Wellness and Conscious Festival Community. Michael holds a firm vision of unity and world peace, travels extensively and maintains public teachings and private offerings in Ojai California.

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