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Suffering from chronic symptoms?

Experiencing stubborn weight gain?

Confused about nutrition and health?

Too difficult to eat and live healthfully?

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Unsupported?


Thrive on Plants is the answer to your body's call for health.

Drs. Benjamin and Susanna along with the Thrive on Plants Community are your health support team.


Thrive on Plants is the premium experimental educational program in Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine to support your health transformation

Thrive With Us!

Thrive on Plants
Integrative/Functional/Natuopathic Medicine

Integrative / Functional / Naturopathic Doctor

  • Focus on elaborate and expensive testing
  • Long list of supplements
  • Dependent relationship
  • Prescription/protocol based
  • Little to no communication or support
  • 1-on-1 personalized healthcare
  • Expensive (~ $400 / hour)
Thrive on Plants

  • Focus on creating a resilient health foundation
  • Supplements used short-term when indicated
  • Empowered relationship
  • Education and information based
  • Ongoing communication & support
  • 1-on-1 support when needed (additional $)
  • Affordable (~ $175 / month - or less)
Drs. Susanna and Benjamin do not serve as your medical provider and Thrive on Plants do not take the place of otherwise indicated medical care.

There is certainly a place for integrative, functional, and/or naturopathic medicine in this world, BUT in our experience, so many people benefit from stepping into a more empowered role in their healthcare focused on education and community support.


The Thrive Experience

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Experiential nutrition & lifestyle educational program with self-assessments

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Kitchen tutorials from the Alter Health Kitchen!

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Community Calls - celebrate wins, answer questions, breakthrough challenges

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Deep-dives into Advanced Topic lessons

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Direct access to professional support and accountability

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Individualized Nutritional Analysis and 1-on-1 consults (optinal)

Stay connected with life-changing community and around the clock accountability


NOW is the time to make your health goals a reality! accountability that will serve you in making your health goals a reality!

Thrive With Us!

What You'll Take Away

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Mastery of nutritional science

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Peace and Satisfaction with Food

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A resilient Foundation of Health

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Freedom from food cravings and addiction

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Strengthened connection with Self-Healing potential

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Optimized cellular metabolism

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Enhanced physical energy

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Effortless weight release/ maintenance

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THRIVING on Plants and in Life



The TOP Curriculum has been through many iterations and we are excited to create the next level of TOP live with YOU!


What this means...

Live weekly lessons between May and July - all rerecorded and accessible through the membership site and app, of course!

Essentially, the latest and greatest whole food plant based nutritional science education for the same affordable price.

This Is How YOU Transform YOUR Health

Pay Monthly


3-monthy minimum

Enroll Now

Pay Annually


Get 2 months free!

Enroll Now


  • Deep dive into WFPB Nutritional Science and Lifestyle Medicine
  • Growing library of resources (meal guides, handouts, healthy living tips)
  • Kitchen tutorials and meal prep strategy
  • Weekly whole food plant based meal guides
  • Weekly live TOP Community Call, recorded and archived
  • Advanced Topics Lessons covering a wide range of topics
  • Messaging with the doctors and the community
  • 50% off enrollment to Alter Health Seasonal Cleanse
  • *Exclusive access to 1-on-1 consultations*
    * Optional addition to Thrive on Plants Membership ($250/hr or $125/half hr)*

Make your greatest health transformation non-negotiable!

Gain access to life-empowering informatioin + professional and community  support.


Enroll by Tuesday, May 3rd and receive exclusive Bonuses!











30-minute 1-on-1 lifestyle strategy session ($125 value)
Pay $175 Monthly



 90-minute Individualized Nutritional Analysis ($400 value)
Pay $1750 for the Year

Praise for TOP

Listen to Linda's story of weight optimization - 40-pound weight release after a life of stubborn weight even on vegetarian and vegan diets.
Listen to Stella's amazing story of reversing pre-diabetes, coming off of metformin and other medications while losing 40+ pounds while eating WFPB with no restrictions in the TOP program!
Listen to Kristi's success in healing chronic hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, and adult acne while enjoying the freedom of WFPB eating with the support of the TOP community.
Listen to Denise’s inspirational story of adding more years to her life and health to her years, plus some effortless weight optimization on the side!
Hear Alison’s list of wins from her experience in the Thrive on Plants Program ranging from lowered cholesterol, weight release, resolution of joint and gallstone pain, and even coming off BP medication!
Listen to how Carmen transformed her household, starting with herself! She lost weight without even trying as her husband unlocked the root issue of chronic symptoms.
Here is Deb's story of reversing chronic digestive issues, building muscle, and releasing stubborn weight post-menopause as she embraced WFPB nutritional science and ditched the keto/paleo diet culture!
Hear how Nikki overcame energy issues due to iron-deficiency and hormonal imbalances with WFPB Eating in the Thrive On Plants Program.
Listen to this dynamic duo share their wins of lowering cholesterol, releasing weight, and feeling great while LOVING the WFPB lifestyle and all the delicious foods it includes.
Listen to how Jeanine said goodbye to sinus headaches, joint pain, hot flashes, and high blood pressure. She’s now pain-free, energetic and “feeling life she’s 30 years old again!”
Judy didn't know she had weight to release and health to gain, but in just a couple months she's feeling healthier than ever with 12 huge health wins!
Learn about how Karen's excess weight "melted off" as she saw her body recover from chronic ailments and her hormones come into natural balance!

Moment-to-moment behaviors TODAY lead to our experience of health TOMORROW

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Thrive With Us!

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About The Doctors

Drs. Benjamin and Susanna Alter are licensed naturopathic physicians specializing in whole food plant based nutrition and mind body medicine. Their philosophy of health and life is centered around the self-healing and regenerative potential present in us all. They empower individuals to reconnect with innate health through insight and understanding, optimizing nutrition and mindset through the Thrive on Plants program. When not serving clients, you might find them enjoying whole food plant based meals at the best restaurant in town, their kitchen, or adventuring by foot, bike, or skis in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

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