The Illusion of Balance in Life

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Episode Summary

We talk about "balance" so often in our Mastermind meetings and with our 1-on-1 clients. We wanted to expand the conversation to fully address this topic in our "balance-seeking" society!

In this conversation we are really talking about the "balance" between STRUCTURE and FLUIDITY with regard to life.

I (Dr. Benjamin) have tended to be more structured in my life. Dr. Susanna, on the other hand, has been much more "go with the flow." We've got a lot to share from our two perspectives!

Some highlights include... 

  • Why balance really does NOT exist in the body or in nature

  • How to embody whatever you need, when you need it

  • The benefit of being a blob on the couch

  • Why using force is rarely effective

  • Trusting that the universe has our back

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