Deva & Eaden Shantay: Letting Your Heart Lead You In Life

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Episode Summary

This is the first episode of the "local series" on the Alter Your Health podcast where I'll be connecting with leaders, healers, and inspiring humans here in the Carbondale, Colorado area and surrounding Roaring Fork Valley.

I was so happy to sit down​ with Deva and Eaden in their beautiful healing arts center, True Nature, in Carbondale.

True Nature Healing Arts is a local vortex. Amazing energy and boundless beauty that is so appreciated by the members of the local community. You don't even have to take one of the amazing yoga classes or any of the spa offerings to enjoy the inspirational hub of Carbondale that is True Nature.

With no prior connection or knowledge of their backgrounds, I was thrilled to get to know how these two souls came together in synergy, allowing intuition to lead them as they pursued their purpose.

Some highlights of this conversation include... 

  • The power of "opposites" in relationship
  • How to create a thriving business without a business plan
  • The process of refining intuition
  • Importance of multidimensional health to stay on purpose in life
  • Listening to life's cues that keep us on our path

Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment, rating, or review on whatever platform you choose to tune in on!

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About Deva

Deva Shantay is a talented visionary endowed with the gift of intuitive sight. Before joining Eaden at True Nature, she pursued careers in graphic design and yoga therapy. True Nature has benefited greatly from her creativity, attention to detail, and understanding of systems.

Deva’s passions include offering intuitive sessions to clients to help them understand the roots of their challenges and the potential ways of actualizing their skills and passions in the world. She is also a gifted artist, yoga therapist, and a very dedicated mother of two beautiful daughters, Jade and Zayna.

About Eaden

Eaden grew up in a family with a deep love for arts, live music, architecture, and nature. His father was an award-winning property developer, his mother a modern dancer. Eaden’s upbringing, as well as his path of healing, greatly influenced his life and desire to create a sanctuary for restoration and personal growth.

Eaden has been passionately seeking growth, community, and sacred space for over 30 years. He has a knack for bringing together talented people to support the evolution of his vision. He also loves sharing yoga philosophy, meditation, and conscious lifestyle classes and workshops.

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