Your Inherent Wellbeing and Self-Healing Power

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Episode Summary

In this week’s episode we talk about you innate super powers! Some people call this your intuition, the collective mind, the one mind, innate wellbeing, etc. Whatever you choose to call it, it is there present with you always.

Maybe you have experienced your own innate wisdom in a flash of clarity or an intuitive hit, or maybe you experienced it looking into the eyes of your grandchild, or watching a beautiful sunset. It does not always show up during profound, dramatic experiences, it can show in some of the most mundane normal time...because again, it is with you always!

Today we talk about how having an understand of this innate wellbeing and self-healing super power can play into one’s physical healing journey. There are no practices, tools, or homework assignment involved, just an open mind and heart!

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