Building Blocks to Radiant Health

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Episode Summary

In this episode, we kick off a whole new show; Alter Your Health LIVE!

These episodes will continue to be recorded weekly, live-streamed from our Alter Health Facebook group! So, if you'd like to tune in and engage with future shows feel free. And, invite any friends or family that are interested in getting a weekly dose of healthy vibes! 🙂

Some things we covered today include the therapeutic order, also called the hierarchy of healing (see image below). We only covered a fraction of the very first level - Establishing The Foundation For Optimal Health.

We talked about how the most basic and simple daily practices can be transformed into powerful health promoting habits.

Today, we covered:

  • Breathing/air quality

  • Drinking water/hydration

  • Nutrition and relationships with food

We will dive more into this, and so much more in future episodes!

Join the conversation and tune in LIVE on Thursdays at 12PM pst on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM!

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