Dr. Joel Fuhrman: Nutritional Excellence is More Powerful than any Drug

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Episode Summary

What an inspiration it was to connect with Dr. Fuhrman at his beautiful nutritional healing retreat in San Diego, CA!​

I have really looked up to Dr. Fuhrman and admired his work for years. I especially appreciate the simple focus that he promotes through the Nutritarian diet; HEALTH = Nutrients / Calories.

What this means is that each meal is an opportunity to flood the body with healing nutrients.

Some things we covered in this talk are...​

  • Dr. Fuhrman's personal evolution into a food as medicine philosophy

  • Some misconceptions of other trendy diets

  • Why diets don't work, ever

  • How food addiction separates us from normal physiology

  • The most powerful intervention that you can make to transform your health

  • and much more!

I hope you enjoy the inspiration and wisdom as much as I did!​

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About Dr. Fuhrman

Through his medical practice, as well as his New York Times best-selling books and PBS specials, Dr. Fuhrman has helped thousands of people lose weight permanently and reverse chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and chronic pain syndromes, including migraines, using a nutrient-dense, plant-rich eating style that he calls the Nutritarian diet. Dr. Fuhrman is the President of the Nutritional Research Foundation, and is a frequent guest on The Dr. Oz Show, for which he serves on the medical advisory board.

An internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural healing, Dr. Fuhrman is also a health and fitness enthusiast, whose athletic background gives him a keen insight into the importance of diet and physical exercise. Before graduating from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Dr. Fuhrman was a world-class figure skater who placed third in the 1976 World Professional Pairs Skating Championship.

Dr. Fuhrman devotes his life to nutritional research, staying up-to-date on the thousands of articles published in scientific journals, and working with nutritional researchers around the world. His expertise includes 25 years of experience caring for more than 10,000 patients with serious medical conditions and in most cases facilitating their recovery via nutritional methods. His books have no preconceived philosophy, agenda or bias; they are an uncompromising assessment that offers the gold standard of nutritional excellence to foster the greatest potential for disease prevention, reversal and extending human lifespan.

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