Holiday Health Hacks

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Episode Summary

The holidays are upon us!

In this episode we talk about staying resilient and healthy through potential stressors of holiday season.

So many people travel, indulge in rich foods, and face stress of family and social situations. We discuss ways to gently mitigate some of these factors as we approach the holidays.​

Here is a list of some of our tips

When traveling

  • Stay hydrated!

  • Pack fruits and vegetables

  • Stay hydrated!

  • Stay hydrated!

Nutrition at home and Christmas parties

  • Consider enjoying and sharing whole food, plant based dishes

  • Always get your greens in!

  • Start the day with a nourishing smoothie or bowl of oatmeal

  • Make your self a yummy holiday mocktail (sparkling water with 100% juice or bitters is tasty!)

  • Hydrate after an evening of indulgence

  • Don't beat yourself up if you slip from your standard nutrition plan

Around family

  • Practice Love and acceptance

  • Be grateful for everything

  • Give yourself space to reflect if times become difficult

Some recipes Susanna will be cooking up over the holidays

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