Benjamin Fox: Finding purpose and health through Astrology

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Episode Summary

I was so looking forward to sitting down and talking with my personal astrologer and friend, Benjamin Fox.

I start by sharing the amazing synchronicity of how I came to meet Benjamin. Then, we dive right into Benjamin's work and passion; astrology!

Some things we discussed include:

  • How astrology is SO much deeper than the column in the newspaper

  • A brief history of astrology

  • The basics to know when reading a chart (sun, moon, planets, houses, relationships, etc).

  • The value of cultivating an elevated perspective through astrology

Benjamin emphasizes how an astrologic chart is not your destiny, but a map to support living into your fullest potential in this life.

I think Benjamin will be back sometime for round 2 😉

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About Benjamin

Benjamin Fox is a licensed massage therapist and practicing professional astrologer. In 2012, he and his wife, Lorie Dechar, founded A New Possibility, with a mission to provide education and training that affirms the alchemical underpinnings of various healing traditions, including Chinese medicine and astrology, as the foundation of transformation process. As co-facilitator of the Alchemical Healing Mentorship, Benjamin supports individuals in discovering their purpose and living their destiny to the fullest. Presently, Benjamin is particularly interested in a conversation that explores the necessary connection between personal healing and cultural change.

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