The Power of Thought in Orthorexia and Eating Disorders

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Episode Summary

I think this was one of my favorite LIVE episodes so far!​

Susanna starts us off by getting personal, sharing her experience with anorexia. Navigating the mental, emotional, and physical dis-ease that ultimately guided her into a place of deep inner peace and trusting... Powerful stuff!!!

Orthorexia and eating disorders are clearly a huge sticky topic, but we talked about how underlying it all is anxiety and compulsivity. These mental and emotional disturbances need to be addressed to heal. Then, food choices can be made freely without restriction or discomfort.

Some other takeaways include...

  • Susanna's touching story, of course!

  • Some "warning signs of orthorexia"

  • Why these "warning signs" should not be a primary focus to address

  • How the inner feeling state is always the guide

  • Why being conscientious about food choices is really important in our world

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