Dr. Daniel Chong: Heart Attack Proof Beyond Cholesterol

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Episode Summary

Dr. Chong is back for round 2! After a wonderful conversation about "Healing the Heart with Food" (Alter Your Health #4) we never even touched on the massive topic of CHOLESTEROL!

So, this was allllll about cholesterol, and why cholesterol alone is not the most important risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Some take aways from this conversation are...

  • What Cholesterol does in the body (hormones, cell membranes, plaque formation)

  • Different types of cholesterol transport proteins: HDL, IDL, LDL, VLDL - what's the difference and should we care?

  • Does lipoprotein particle size matter?

  • The presence of atherosclerotic plaque is your body's natural defense

  • Why plaques form in arteries and not veins?

  • Why plaques form in humans and not bears (who have cholesterol levels between 300-600 mg/dl)

  • Causes of endothelial dysfunction in the body

  • The multifactorial benefits of plant foods in preventing and reversing disease

  • and SO much more


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About Dr. Chong

Daniel Chong, ND has been a licensed naturopathic physician, practicing in Portland, OR, since 2000, where his primary focus is on risk assessment, prevention, and drug-free treatment strategies for cardiovascular disease.  He is also founder and lead coach at The Healthy Heart Academy, LLC, an online platform created to help eradicate heart attacks via direct consumer coaching, and health practitioner education.  Dr. Chong has completed training in cardio-metabolic medicine from The American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, is a member of the Society for Heart Attack Prevention and Eradication (SHAPE Society), serves as a clinical educator for Boston Heart Diagnostics Lab, and is a contributing editor in cardiology for The Natural Medicine Journal.

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