Autoimmunity Goes Viral - Your Mind is the Healer

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Episode Summary

This is the 3rd of 3 episodes tackling the huge topic of Autoimmunity.

Healing requires knowing 2 critical pieces of information: 1) what is going on & 2) what to do about it.

- Two weeks ago we we talked about “what is going on” in Episode 65 (Read a blog on the topic HERE)

- Last week we discussed “what to do about it” in Episode 67 (Read a blog on the topic HERE)

Here we talk about the most powerful tool in the medicine cabinet, especially when it comes to autoimmunity: YOUR MIND!

Take aways from this episode...

  • Your diagnosis doesn't mean anything - don't take it so seriously!

  • Feelings and Symptoms change moment to moment along with our thoughts

  • The placebo effect is the most powerful example of your self-healing body

  • Healing is ALWAYS possible - letting go of expectations and outcomes is key

If you'd like a more comprehensive read on the topic of Mind in the healing of autoimmunity, check out the third of three Autoimmune articles on the Alter Health Blog.

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