Michael Fireborn: Genital Herpes, Raw Veganism, and Spiritual Awakening

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Episode Summary

Michael Fireborn is my spirit animal! This guys is full of life, wisdom, and good vibes. 

In this conversation, we ​traverse the many facets of Michael's life, from party animal and drug user, to raw vegan YouTube star, to bhakti yogi, to ayahuascero, to spirit-centered artist, photographer, and meditation coach. Beyond it all, this guy is one hell of a divine being - like us all - expressing his passionate self fearlessly in this world.

Some highlights include... 

  • Using drugs and alcohol to open up and connect
  • The gift of genital herpes
  • Raw veganism as a portal to spiritual connection
  • The meditation imperative
  • Befriending your ego
  • Trusting life - allllllll of it!

Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment, rating, or review on whatever platform you choose to tune in on!

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About Michael

Michael Fireborn author of the book "Begins With Love, Ends With Happiness" is a meditation coach and photographer based in Long Beach, California. Michael has spent the past decade of his life dedicating most of his time toward personal-development in the realms of spiritual exploration and physical health. What Michael is most passionate about these days is working with entrepreneurs to help them find balance in both their personal and professional lives. Whether you're working with Michael as a photographer or meditation coach, it's clear he is here to help his clients shine brilliantly in front of the camera and in life.

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