Marco Tesi: Learn How To Breathe to Heal Your Body & Mind

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Episode Summary

I love ‚Äčtalking about breath! It is FREE medicine. Modulating breath is a powerful practice that can have huge impacts on your the health and wellbeing of your mind and your body.

In this conversation we dive deeply into all of that, and discuss some practical tools and information to optimize your breathing patterns.

Some of highlight topics in this conversation include...

  • Breath is the link between mind and body via the vagus nerve

  • The diaphragm carries tons of information and energy related to breath

  • Inhaling brings in oxygen which stimulates the nervous system

  • Practice mindful breathing through nose to expand diaphragm for 5 minutes every 90 minutes to retrain your breathing

  • The mouth is for eating, the nose is for breathing  

I loved having Marco on the podcast, and encourage you to check out his Udemy course!‚Äč

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About Marco

"With over 10 years of experience, I have created a holistic treatment that includes unique breathing and movement techniques to retrain your body and mind in achieving better health.

In 2009, I received a Bachelor degree in Sport Science, in my beloved Italy, before receiving my Master in Sport and Human Health Development in 2013.

Between my time in Italy and Australia, I have had extensive experience in consulting and teaching which have provided me with the expertise to assist  my various clients in unique breathing and movement techniques.

A big turning point for me both professionally and personally, happened after three months of what began as just a holiday, I fell in love with Sydney, and now I can call it home. At that time something magic happened. I didn’t just feel the need to change my environment, I made the decision to stop my career as a strength coach, and to follow a career that was more aligned with my emotional authority and sensitivity.

Now I’m helping people to overcome chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, anxiety and other challenges through breathing techniques. I’m teaching them to see, feel and implement through facing their challenges, both mental and physical. It has been a long way, back in a day I didn’t realize fully my mission and what guided me towards that decision.

By working on myself with the help of inspirations such as my mentors along the way I discovered the essence of my healing practice. I now have the opportunity to educate others in something that deeply nourishes and inspires me, it reflects my own innate capabilities  myself and make me inspired, it reflects my own innate capabilities to listen, empathise and care.

In the last three years I have now guided more than 100 people through recovery from recurring injuries and finding relief from chronic pain conditions, stress and anxiety related auto-immune diseases."

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