Edward Troy: The Paleo Lifestyle of a Strong Vegan Athlete

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Episode Summary

I met Edward recently here in Colorado at an even where Dr. Fuhrman was speaking in Carbondale.

When he stood up to share a bit of his journey in the realm of vegan fitness and nutrition, I thought this guy sounds like he's got a great story to share!

We were a bit all over the place in terms of the flow of the conversation. Between talks of vegan communes, track and field athletics, and tapping into the full genomic human potential, this talk had some great pearls.

Here are some highlights... 

  • What a vegetarian diet looked like in the 1970s

  • How our Paleolithic ancestors really ate and lived

  • Foods to focus on to create a well balanced nutrient dense diet for optimal performance

  • Inspiration for accessing our genetic potential as a human

  • Workout and exercise tips for staying strong, flexible, and fit

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About Edward

Edward Troy is a vegan personal trainer in the Aspen, Colorado area. He qualified for the 2019 United States Track and Field Masters Championships in six speed and power events. He is committed to helping people “Be In Life” and achieve their goals. Fitness and health are fun while being beneficial to a healthy and prosperous life. Edward Troy is 61 years “young” and enjoys teaching clients how to stay “young and fit.” His clients are success stories.

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